Spiegelau Stemless Glass Set


  • 60 for $39.95 ea*
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Spiegelau is nearly as old as wine itself.

The origins of Spiegelau glass go back to the year 1521. And, as any lover of good wine knows, all the best things take time. Today, almost 500 years later, the Spiegelau name is known all over the world for its clarity and sheer quality. Spiegelau has refined the crafting of beautiful glassware to an art form…

These casual, stemless wine glasses are always perfect – whether you’re setting the table for a dinner party, or you’re sitting in a deckchair at a weekend barbeque. It’s all in the way you dress these glasses up…that’s the secret!


Made in Germany from crystalline

Dishwasher safe

When knocked over they flip straight back up

Perfect for wine, water & juice


4 Spiegelau stemless wine glasses

Custom cylinder

Set up & design for custom cylinder $120

Min Qty 60 sets


The glasses can be etched effect printed or laser engraved with your logo at $3.00 per glass & $120 set up.



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